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        Datakesh is free to use

        But it costs time and money. I'm asking for your support to keep it up.

        with an one time donation of over $25

        you will have access to following experimental features:

        • Daily releases bypasses known antivirus and firewalls
        • Executable binder bundle the client with any app you want
        • Client customizer change icon and executable metadata

        BTC: bc1qlq067vldngs37l5a4yjc4wvhyt89wv3u68dsuv

        send an e-mail to datakesh@psychip.net

        with exact amount you donated in btc

        to take advantage of those perks

             ▒██░        ██            ░█▒  
               ▓█▓       ▒█▒     █░   ▓██░  
                ▓██░  ░░░░▓██░   ▓█░▓██▓    
             ░██████▒  █▒ █▓▒░  ▒████▓░     
                 ▒  ▒▓███░  ░▒█▓▓▒▓█▓       
              ░░▒█▓ ▒▓█▓      ░█▓████▓▓▓██░ 
            ▓██████████░       ▓████████▓▒  
             ░  ░▓██████      ▒▓█▓ ░█▒      
                 ▒████▓   ▒████░ ▓███▓▓▓▒   
               ▓█████▒  ░████▓█▓  ▒███▒▒░   
             ░██▓░ ▒█     ▓██░ ░   ░██░     
            ░█▓░    ░      ██        ▓██        

          Datakesh is an invisible remote control application that designed for modern windows based systems.


          Completely web based, no need to download anything or do firewall configuration. Just build your client, send to remote host and you're in once it's launched at there Fully featured file manager, browse the remote machine as your own with thumbnail previews Real time shell access, navigate into console of the host pc


          Click "build" and send the downloaded zip file to remote computer Once it's launched on remote host, you will have access in this window. All connections only matches with this specific browser session. You will lose access to your clients if you clear the browser cache or cookies, take note of your session id if necessary. you can switch id's by clicking to it


          Completely based on websockets, world's first end to end remote access tool that controlled via browser. Firewall friendly, all commands and file transfers handled in single port SSE optimized memory instructions, most parts are recoded in pure assembly thanks to recent LLM innovations in late 2022 Chunked file transfers, datakesh stream the big files from disk to your browser


          Datakesh is started as a fun project by @psychip around 2002 when the term "trojan" become famous on internet.

          Project was actively maintaining between 2004-2009, inspired from applications Netbus and Sub-7 which was mostly serving to the purpose that track social behaviour of girlfriends at that age. First developed with an experimental BASIC compiler called RapidQ and controlled with Microsoft hyperterminal app. Rebuilt with delphi5 at 2005 and got a client interface at 2009 when released to the public.

          When we're step into world of capitalism, that indie project pivoted to a commercial server monitoring tool for digital signage purposes. The major problem of this application was port forwarding. Sometimes ISP related, sometimes due some buggy router it was hard to keep the port healthy. So, our team developed a simple php script for this and first steps of datakesh web has been took at 2013

          Original project took 6 years to get into shape, today it just took 3 weeks to develop it from scratch in an entire new platform by taking advantage of new tech innovations such as server side javascript runtimes and publicly available large language models that can help to spot possible bugs within seconds.

          Use Cases

          Datakesh is developed as digital age's social observational tool to acquire the information directly from it's source, alternatively it can be used as a server/workstation monitoring and remote maintenance interface hence it doesn't depend to any runtime nor require any installation.

          Don't hesitate to reach out if you have unique usage scenerios in your mind.


          Last updated: 12/19/2023

        • server + client + editor bundle

          The original project that released at 2009, leaved here for reference purposes but still useful if you don't mind it's quirks:

          - 32bit and ipv4 only

          - Uses ftp for file transfers, that means you have to update your router settings to open port 21 and 22 in addition to your actual control port

          - Almost every antivirus software knows about it

        • advanced executable binder

          Used to inject datakesh client into other applications, released at 2007

          - 32bit only

          - no UAC awareness, might be a problem in new systems

          - Almost every antivirus software knows about it